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Truffle Season

Posted: 17 June 2016 By Ezard

The most wonderful time of the year!

This time of year is a fraught game of tug-of-war with Mother Nature. For every miserable gift this season brings (these freezing mornings immediately come to mind), she compensates tenfold. Truffle season is upon us, and for those in the know, it more than makes up for what the next few months may throw at us, weather and otherwise.

In traditional ezard fashion, we have taken a measured approach, with a salubrious truffle dish borne of care and consideration. Gnocchi gratin with wild local mushroom (pine, slippery jacks, grey ghost), San Simon, brioche crumb and spectacular Manjimup black truffle completes our offering for the season, available as an entree ($42) or as part of our degustation (+$21).

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