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  • Classic Recipe: The ezard open Wagyu beef burger

    09 January 2015 By Ezard

    There is nothing quite like a tender and juicy burger, made with the best quality produce. The ezard Wagyu beef burger was once a signature dish on our menu for many reasons. It is the ultimate sophisticated burger that will impress!

  • Classic Recipe: Steamed mulloway with mushrooms, soy-mirin broth and XO sauce

    19 November 2014 By Ezard

    This is a very delicate dish we serve at ezard regularly. Mulloway, sometimes sold as sea bass or Suzuki sea bass, is a great fish to steam. It is not as flavoursome as European sea bass, but the texture is similar. Substitute whiting or sea perch if you can’t find mulloway. The fish is served in just a small amount of broth and topped with XO sauce. Green vegetables such as peas, beans and asparagus can be used instead of mushrooms if preferred.

  • Chinese Master Stock and Red Roasting

    29 August 2013 By Teage Ezard

    Teage Ezard reveals his master stock recipe and offers a few pro tips for getting the most out of your stock.

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