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Terms & Conditions

All reservations made online via our own website or the bookarestaurant booking network are subject to the following booking conditions:

Friday & Saturday evenings Our a la carte menu is offered at a fixed price ($106) for three courses of your choice. The signature eight course tasting menu ($165) is also available.

Friday & Saturday evenings In addition to the above menu options, credit card details are required to secure all reservations. These details are required at the time of reservation. The cancellation conditions below (for groups of 5 to 8) apply to reservations of any size on Friday and Saturday nights.

Reservations from 9 pm You may need to enjoy a drink in our lounge while you wait for a suitable table to become available.

Tables of 5 to 8 guests Credit card details are required at the time of reservation. No charge is made in advance. You may cancel up to 10 am on the day of the reservation, and you may vary the party size at any time. Failure to attend or cancellation after 10 am will result in a charge of $100 per person.

Public Holidays Please note that if you are joining us on a Public Holiday, there will a 12.5% surcharge added to your bill.

International guests Please provide a local contact number or hotel we can reach you at to confirm your reservation closer to the date.

Confirmations We will contact you to confirm at least 24 hours prior to the reservation. If we have been unable to reach you, we ask that you contact us instead to confirm your reservation. Should your reservation remain unconfirmed, we may not be unable to honour your reservation.

Alterations & Cancellations To make any changes to, or cancel an existing online reservation please email or call the restaurant directly on +613 9639 6811.

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